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For students and academia studying in Chinese speaking cultures, it’s useful to know how to say 學位 / 学位 (xué wèi) or “degree” in Chinese. In this episode, ShaoLan invites Academia.edu’s creator Richard Price to talk about the word “degree.”

學 / 学 (xué) means to “learn”. 位 (wèi) refers to “ranking”. Different levels of degree are also called different terms: 學士 / 学士 (xué shì) or “Bachelor’s Degree”, 碩士 / 硕士 (shuò shì) or “Master’s Degree”, and 博士 (bó shì) or “Doctorate Degree”.

Richard Price also shares his secrets on how his website is helping to revolutionize everything from sourcing the latest research for Hollywood movies to improving farming in the Sahara Desert.

Another education related word is “school”, learn how to say it in Chinese here.

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學位 / 学位
xué wèi
To learn
學 / 学
Bachelor degree
學士 / 学士
xué shì
Master degree
碩士 / 硕士
shuò shì
Doctorate degree
bó shì

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