037 Champion

An unmissable episode in which four-time USA memory champion Nelson Dellis returns to share the secret to remembering Chinese words first time round! ShaoLan puts his theory to the test.

In this episode, besides champion, you are able to learn how to say “golden medal,” “silver medal” and “bronze medal” all together!

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冠軍 / 冠军
guàn jūn
Imperial crown
wáng guān
Gold medal
jīn pái
Silver medal
銀牌 / 银牌
yín pái
Bronze medal
銅牌 / 铜牌
tong pái
The first
dì yī
Rank as number 1
dì yī míng
Rank as number 2
dì èr míng
Rank as number 3
dì sān míng

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