019 I Remember and I forgot

What is the easiest way to remember all these new Chinese words you’re learning? Cue the four-time USA memory champion Nelson Dellis, who tells ShaoLan the secrets to remembering. Also, learn how to say “I forgot” as well as “I remember.”

我记得/我記得 (wǒ jì de) means I remember.

我 (wǒ) means I and 記得 / 记得 means remember.

Do you “jì de” how to say “computer” in Chinese? If not, you can look it up on this episode here.

我忘记/我忘記 means I forgot.

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I remember
我記得 / 我记得
wǒ jì de
I forgot
wǒ wàng jì
To remember
記 / 记
To obtain the memory
記得 / 记得
jì de
You remember
你記得 / 你记得
nǐ jì de

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