011 Why

When you want to get below the surface of Chinese culture, you need be able to ask why things are done in certain ways! In this episode, ShaoLan and Transition singer Jesse teach you how to ask “why!”

More colloquial expressions are included in this episode, such as what 什麼 / 什么 (shén me) and what’s up  什麽事? / 什么事? (Shén me shì?).

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為什麼 / 为什么
wèi shén me
什麼 / 什么
shén me
What's the matter? What's up?
什麽事? / 什么事?
Shén me shì?
What to eat?
吃什麽? / 吃什么?
Chī shén me?
What to watch?
看什麽? / 看什么?
Kàn shén me?
What to listen to?
聽什麽? / 听什么?
Tīng shén me?

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