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Do you find that you are often telling other people to hurry up? Or are you often the one who is told to hurry up? Sylvia Cruz is the VP of Finance & Strategy for EF Education First, and also the mother of three young children, so for her, the phrase “hurry up” is one that she finds she is saying all the time. Of course, life can’t all be lived in the fast lane, so ShaoLan teaches some other practical situations when you might want to say “slow down” instead of always just “hurry up.”

The way to say “hurry up” in Chinese is 快一點/快一点. The first character 快 means “fast” and 一點/一点 means “a little” so putting these together we get the phrase “a little bit faster.”

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Hurry up
快一點 / 快一点
kuài yī diǎn
Dot, o'clock
點 / 点
A little bit, one o'clock
一點 / 一点
yī diǎn
Slow down
慢一點 / 慢一点
màn yī diǎn
快樂 / 快乐
kuài lè
Happy baby
快樂寶貝 / 快乐宝贝
kuài lè bǎo bèi
Fast food
kuài cān
Express train, express bus
快車 / 快车
kuài chē
Slow train
慢車 / 慢车
màn chē
Walk faster
走快一點 / 走快一点
zǒu kuài yī diǎn
To walk
Run faster
跑快一點 / 跑快一点
pǎo kuài yī diǎn
To run
Eat faster
吃快一點 / 吃快一点
chī kuài yī diǎn
To eat
Walk slower
走慢一點 / 走慢一点
zǒu màn yī diǎn
Run slower
跑慢一點 / 跑慢一点
pǎo màn yī diǎn
Eat slower
吃慢一點 / 吃慢一点
chī màn yī diǎn

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