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The guest on the show today, Maurizio Rossi, has an incredible CV which includes creating a brand of shoes that was bought by LVMH between years 2002 and 2004, running a company called H-FARM which is listed on the Italian stock exchange and racing in the offshore powerboat world championships! Maurizio shares something of his incredible personal story, describing the thrill of driving a powerboat at speeds of over 150mph and how the whole team had to work as a unit in order to both maintain and push the limits of speed amidst differing ocean conditions! On the topic, ShaoLan teaches him the Chinese word for “boat,” which can apply to any kind of boat, including small boats, big boats, cargo ships, fishing boats and power boats!

The Chinese word for “boat” is 船. To be more specific, just add other descriptive words in front of 船, for example, 小船 means “small boat,” 漁船/渔船 means “fishing boat,” 貨船/货船 means “freighter/cargo ship.”

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Ship, big boat
dà chuán
Canoe, small boat
xiǎo chuán
Fishing boat
漁船 / 渔船
yú chuán
貨船 / 货船
huò chuán
貨 / 货
船長 / 船长
chuán zhǎng
Leader, chief
長 / 长
Get on the boat
shàng chuán
Get off the boat
xià chuán
Underneath the boat
chuán xià
On the boat
chuán shàng

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