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David He is the non-executive director of Nanyang Tea House, a new drinks chain who in three short years have grown from just one store to over 75 stores in the Shanghai area! They offer all kinds of different tea mixed with tropical fruit and all drinks are customizable too, with different temperatures, different levels of ice and different amounts of palm sugar all depending on your personal taste! ShaoLan teaches the all-important Chinese word for “tea” and tells a story about Queen Victoria from England, who named a particular type of high-class tea that is still very popular today. Listen through to find out which kind of tea it is and the name that she gave to it!

The Chinese word for tea is 茶. When the character itself is taken apart, it represents “grass from the edible plant.” If you want to describe different kinds of tea then you just add the description word (such as green, black or oolong) before the word for “tea” 茶.

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Flower tea
huā chá
烏龍 / 乌龙
wū lóng
Oriental Beauty tea
東方美人茶 / 东方美人茶
dōng fāng měi rén chá
東 / 东
Southeast Asia
nán yáng
Green tea
綠茶 / 绿茶
lǜ chá
Black tea
紅茶 / 红茶
hóng chá
Traffic light
紅綠燈 / 红绿灯
hóng lǜ dēng
White tea
bái chá
Hot tea
熱茶 / 热茶
rè chá
Cold tea
lěng chá
Iced tea
bīng chá
Lukewarm tea
溫茶 / 温茶
wēn chá
Good tea
hǎo chá
I like good tea.
我喜歡好茶 / 我喜欢好茶
wǒ xǐ huān hǎo chá
Drink tea
hē chá
Do you want some tea?
喝茶嗎? / 喝茶吗?
hē chá ma?

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