David He

Non Executive Chairman

David works as the chief strategy officer at a London based digital health company called Cloudtag. Before joining Cloudtag, David has worked in both consulting and investment banking. In his recent roles, he worked with a number of private equity houses, financial institutions, retailers, manufacturers, coffeehouse chain and fashion brands in a range of projects including business strategy, market & trend analysis, omnichannel, manufacturing and store operations across China, UK, and Europe.

At his spare time, he also supports his family to shape the future of their tea house chain business – ‘Malteh马来南洋’ and ‘NanYang Tea House 南洋茶铺’ ( www.malteh.com ). From the company’s inception in December 2014 to present, there are now over 75 branches within the center of the city of Shanghai. Its vision is to introduce location specific flavors from the Nanyang Region into mainland China. The company’s success so far has been through identifying individual flavors from the regions and combining them to suit the Shanghai and Chinese taste. The company imports the vast majority of its products through local relationships and trade partnerships with the farmers and producers. From the very beginning, the company’s foundation has always and will always be built on healthy eating and drinking. Although the drink and dessert recipes originate from the heart of the region, it has incorporated many international elements and have trade partners in Europe as well as the States. The company is ever committed to following the drink recipes that have been tirelessly developed; while reinvesting a fixed margin of its profits into research and development so it remains at the forefront of the intense competition in Shanghai. The company’s belief in traditions combined with its interest in innovation and continuous improvement has won many loyal customers both local to Shanghai and from afar.



Traditions combine with innovation