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How do you say hello and goodbye in Italian? Before learning some Chinese with ShaoLan, Matteo Berlucchi teaches a simple Italian word. He is the co-founder and CEO of Your.MD, a company that uses artificial intelligence in the area of healthcare. When you wake up and feel sick, the main problem is that you don’t know what to do, so his new platform is designed to give you one clear answer to your problem followed by good advice of what to do, including a possible referral instead of the millions of answers that one would currently get from an internet search. ShaoLan wanted to teach the word “exciting” because a big benefit of this platform is that for people with limited access to healthcare, the advice provided from the platform can allow self-care for many many health issues, solving that original problem of not knowing what to do. A very exciting project!

The Chinese word for “exciting” or “excited” (the same word) is 興奮/兴奋. The first character 興/兴 means to “flourish” or “become popular” and the second character is 奮/奋, which means “to thrive” or “to arouse” and originally it represented a bird spreading it’s wings in preparation for takeoff!

When you are flourishing and preparing to “takeoff” then you will definitely feel excited!

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Exciting / Excited
興奮 / 兴奋
xìng fèn
Flourish, to become popular
興 / 兴
To strive
奮 / 奋
Very excited
好興奮 / 好兴奋
hǎo xìng fèn
I am very excited.
我好興奮 / 我好兴奋
wǒ hǎo xìng fèn
Extremely exciting
非常興奮 / 非常兴奋
fēi cháng xìng fèn
Unusual, extreme
fēi cháng

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