297 Right Away

ShaoLan and Jesse Edbrooke talk about the Chinese phrase for “right away.” Once again the word for “horse” is involved as it denotes an image of speed and immediacy. ShaoLan teaches how the phrase can be used as a question, a response and even a form of procrastination (the opposite of the actual meaning)! Jesse tells the story of Transition being on tour in China and taking an early flight from Beijing when the tour manager arrived late but managed to use this phrase to jump to the front of all the queues. After passing security, the band managed to catch the flight by running through the rest of the terminal to the boarding gate (with all their gear)!

The Chinese word for “right away” is 馬上/马上. The first word 馬/马 means “horse” and the second word 上 means “up.” When you are on the horse then you will arrive quickly, 馬上/马上!

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Right away
馬上 / 马上
mǎ shàng
馬 / 马
Above, to go up, on top of something
Bill, please
買單 / 买单
mǎi dān
Going to be done soon
馬上好 / 马上好
mǎ shàng hǎo
Will be there soon
馬上來 or 馬上到 / 马上来 or 马上到
mǎ shàng lái or mǎ shàng dào
Set off immediately
馬上出發 / 马上出发
mǎ shàng chū fā
To set off
出發 / 出发
chū fā
Come home right away
馬上回家 / 马上回家
mǎ shàng huí jiā
Do homework soon
馬上做功課 / 马上做功课
mǎ shàng zuò gōng kè
功課 / 功课
gōng kè

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