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Do you like to send text messages? How many do you send in a day on different apps and how quickly do you reply to messages? Jesse Edbrooke and ShaoLan talk about the culture of sending and receiving messages and expectations surrounding how quickly one should or shouldn’t reply to them. ShaoLan teaches the Chinese words not only for “text message” but also for “send” and “to reply.” Did you know that the verb “to send” is also an extremely popular word in Chinese because it relates to prosperity? Jesse also makes sure to get the tones right so as not to confuse replying to a text message with a Taoist festival!

In Chinese 短信 means “text message.” The first character  describes something that is short if it horizontal (there is a different word for vertical things that are short). The second character , is made up of the character for “person” and the character for “word” and includes two meanings because when a person gives a word, they give a “message” but if a person gives their word then you can “trust” them. Therefore, the character  can mean “message” or “trust” depending on the context. In this case, 短信 simply means “short message.”

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Text messages
duǎn xìn
Letter, trust
Short, used to describe the height of something/ someone
Send a text
發短信 / 发短信
fā duǎn xìn
To send out
發 / 发
Reply a text
huí duǎn xìn
To return, reply
Seconds back, rapid response/
miǎo huí
Don't reply to a text message
bù huí duǎn xìn
Don't want to reply to a text message
bù xiǎng huí duǎn xìn

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