208 Chinese Cuisine

The challenge for this episode is whether or not you can listen all the way through without your stomach beginning to rumble! James Trapp, a veteran of Chinese Education, but also an expert in Chinese cuisine, comes into the studio to tell the story of how he became interested in Chinese culture and language and what his signature Chinese dish is. ShaoLan teaches the words not just for Chinese food, but also for different types of cuisines from around the world! 

The way to say “Chinese food” in Chinese is 中國菜/中国菜中國/中国 simply means “China” and  is the character that represents any kind of plant based vegetable, although in this context simply means “dish’ and so can include meat or vegetable dishes.

Review these countries in “countries” episode, including China, United States, Britain, Germany, and France

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Chinese cuisine
中國菜 / 中国菜
zhōng guó cài
中國 / 中国
zhōng guó
Dish (type of food), vegetables
Dim sum
點心 / 点心
diǎn xīn
Dot, o'clock, order
點 / 点
豬肉 / 猪肉
zhū ròu
niú ròu
魚肉 / 鱼肉
yú ròu
I love Chinese food
我愛中國菜 / 我爱中国菜
wǒ ài zhōng guó cài
American food
美國菜 / 美国菜
měi guó cài
British food
英國菜 / 英国菜
yīng guó cài
Germany food
德國菜 / 德国菜
dé guó cài
French food
法國菜 / 法国菜
fà guó cài

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