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Jesse from Transition talks with ShaoLan about water. Definitely, it’s a vital word to know if you are travelling in China, particularly in the summer, because you’ll be needing to drink a lot of it. It’s also important to get the tone right, because if you don’t, then you might end up saying “sleep” or “tax” by accident!

Do you prefer to drink still water or sparkling water? Is tap water safe to drink directly in your area, or do you need to filter it? Do you prefer to drink cold water, ice water or hot water? Learn how to describe all kinds of water as Jesse and ShaoLan discuss everything to do with water in Chinese!

In Chinese, the word for “water” is simply . This turns into the water radicalwhich when it appears on the left side of other characters, usually means that this character has something to do with water!

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Drink water
hē shuǐ
Drink water?
喝水嗎? / 喝水吗?
hē shuǐ ma?
Tap water
shēng shuǐ
To give birth, to be born, raw
Drink tap water
hē shēng shuǐ
Sparkling water
氣泡水 / 气泡水
qì pào shuǐ
氣 / 气
Cold water
lěng shuǐ
Hot water
熱水 / 热水
rè shuǐ
Iced water
bīng shuǐ
Drink cold water
hē lěng shuǐ
Drink iced water
hē bīng shuǐ
Drink sparkling water
喝氣泡水 / 喝气泡水
hē qì pào shuǐ

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