094 Mountain Climbing

4 times USA Memory Champion Nelson Dellis joins Talk Chineasy to talk about his love of mountain climbing 爬山 (pá shān). In this episode, Nelson also shares his adventure climbing Mount Everest. In Chinese, you can use the phrase 爬山 (pá shān) to describe different types of climbs, from a gentle hike on the hills to something as ambitious as climbing a Mount Everest! In this episode, ShaoLan also teaches Nelson some preposition words such as going up and going down.

爬 (pá) means to crawl and to climb.

山 (shān) means mountain.

Review how to say the highest mountain, Mount Everest here.



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Mountain Climbing
pá shān
To go up to the mountains
shàng shān
To get down the mountains
xià shān
Go ups and downs
shàng xià
To get in the cars
上車 / 上车
shàng chē
To get off the cars
下車 / 下车
xià chē
To get on the plane
上機 / 上机
shàng jī
To get off the plane
下機 / 下机
xià jī

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