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Best-selling economics author and chief economics correspondent at ITV, Noreena Hertz, discusses with ShaoLan about how to be optimistic in today’s world. Her top tips include making sure that life has meaning and purpose beyond meeting your own needs so that there’s always a bigger perspective from which to view things that are happening. On the flip side, other people can also be such a great help in keeping us positive, so ShaoLan teaches Noreena a special bonus phrase to say to the special person who helps to keep her positive!

In Chinese, the way to say ”optimistic” is 樂觀/乐观, which is made up of the words 樂/乐 which means ”happy” and 觀/观 which means ”point of view” so when you have a happy point of view, you are 樂觀/乐观.

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樂觀 / 乐观
lè guān
Happy, music (when it is pronounced as yuè)
樂 / 乐
Point of view
觀 / 观
悲觀 / 悲观
bēi guān
I love you.
我愛你 / 我爱你
wǒ ài nǐ
I love you, too.
我也愛你 / 我也爱你
wǒ yě ài nǐ

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