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What happens in the office? ShaoLan teaches Edward Shenderovich the meaning of the word “office” in Chinese, which traditionally includes a sense of taking care of important work, particularly government work. This also leads on to learning how to describe lots of other rooms in the house!

辦公/办公 means to take care of public affairs and 室 means room or chamber, so 辦公室/办公室 means the room” where you take care of the affairs and work you need to do, the office!


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辦公室 / 办公室
bàn gōng shì
To manage, to handle
辦 / 办
Chamber, room
To work, mainly for office work
辦公 / 办公
bàn gōng
yù shì
臥室 / 卧室
wò shì

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