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Moving from somewhere to somewhere is a phrase you will hear every day in China.  Find out how to say it in Chinese with Hyperloop One’s Bruce Upbin. ShaoLan also explains to Bruce that it can also be used to describe moving jobs as well as physical places. 

For example, on April 15th, it’s Boston Marathon Day. You can say FROM the start line TO the finish line when talking about  with your friends!

In this episode, you will also learn 從 / 从 (cóng) means to follow while 到 (dào) means to arrive.


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From to
從... 到... / 从... 到 ...
cóng... dào...
From, to follow
從 / 从
To arrive
Anytime anywhere
何時何地 / 何时何地
hé shí hé dì

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