049 So Fast

So fast!

Hyperloop One is a new technolog that aims to revolutionize the speed at which we travel around the world. Learn about this fascinating topic with the genius behind this technology. The head of Strategic Communications Bruce Upbin joins ShaoLan in learning how to say 好快 (hǎo kuài) or “so fast” in Chinese. We also have the contrasting phrase in this episode: 好慢 (hǎo màn) “so slow.”

Listen closely for some extra words to impress your Chinese friends together with the newest technology in transportation!


Learn With Bruce Upbin

Passionate about sharing with the world the potential for a technology that can eliminate the barriers of time and distance

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So Fast
hǎo kuài
快樂 / 快乐
kuài lè
So slow
hǎo màn

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