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An unusual topic for a successful entrepreneur and angel investor? On top of being the co-founder, president and COO of Averon, Lea Tarnowski has a very young daughter. She describes her pregnancy, which was extremely smooth, followed by the birth, which was anything other than smooth! ShaoLan teaches the words for “giving birth” and describes some of the meanings behind the characters, then moving on to be more specific, teaching how to describe if your child is a girl or boy and how to say “son” and “daughter” in Chinese.

The word for “giving birth” in Chinese is 生小孩. The first character shows a new bud on a plant and represents something new emerging. This character 生, therefore, means “to give birth”, the second character 小 means “small” and 孩 means “child,” so the Chinese 生小孩 actually describes “giving birth to a little child.”

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Give Birth
shēng xiǎo hái
To grow, to give birth
Give birth to baby girl
生女兒 / 生女儿
shēng nǚ ér
女兒 / 女儿
nǚ ér
My daughter
我女兒 / 我女儿
wǒ nǚ ér
shēng rì
sì yuè
sān rì
My daughter’s birthday is April 3rd
我女兒生日是四月三日 / 我女儿生日是四月三日
wǒ nǚ ér shēng rì shì sì yuè sān rì

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