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Alistair Hill is a professional poker player who recently took part in the poker World Series Tournament in Las Vegas and brought back some extremely good winnings. ShaoLan teaches him the Chinese word for professional, which can apply to any field of expertise. She also teaches some extra words to describe different types of “professional people,” see if you can learn how to describe the type of professional that you are. As a final hint, ShaoLan makes sure that Alistair gets the tones right because “professional” can sound like “punch someone” if you use the wrong tone!

The Chinese word for “professional” or “expert” is 達人/达人. The first character 達/达 means “to arrive” or “to reach” and the second character 人 means “person.” So the person who “arrives at a good level” is an “expert” or “professional” 達人/达人.

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達人 / 达人
dá rén
To achieve, to reach
達 / 达
Poker pro
撲克達人 / 扑克达人
pū kè dá rén
Chinese pro
中文達人 / 中文达人
zhōng wén dá rén
Computer expert
電腦達人 / 电脑达人
diàn nǎo dá rén
電腦 / 电脑
diàn nǎo
TV expert
電視達人 / 电视达人
diàn shì dá rén
電影達人 / 电影达人
diàn yǐng dá rén
I am
wǒ shì
To hit someone
dǎ rén
dà rén

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