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George Stoy is a surfing instructor who has been surfing since he was 16, beginning in the south of Spain, but now instructing people in Cornwall in the south-west of England (a much colder environment). He tells ShaoLan part of the story of how he moved from skiing to surfing and how it was a much harder process then he anticipated. ShaoLan teaches him the word for “surfing” and also the word for “instructor” so he can describe his profession. If you are a coach of anything then you can use the same word to describe yourself! She also teaches the words for some of the extra equipment you need when surfing such as “surfboard” and “wetsuit” etc.

The Chinese word for “surfing” is 衝浪/冲浪. The first character 衝/冲 means “to wash away” or “to flush” and the second character 浪 means “wave.” When you “rush the wave” you are “surfing” 衝浪/冲浪!

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衝浪 / 冲浪
chōng làng
Wash away, flush
衝 / 冲
Surfing instructor
衝浪教練 / 冲浪教练
chōng làng jiào liàn
教練 / 教练
jiào liàn
Surfing board
衝浪板 / 冲浪板
chōng làng bǎn
Short surfing board
短衝浪板 / 短冲浪板
duǎn chōng làng bǎn
Long surfing board
長衝浪板 / 长冲浪板
cháng chōng làng bǎn
長 / 长

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