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Do you regularly take taxis to get to your destination? Jesse Edbrooke is quite the taxi rider, especially when he is in Asia, so it’s important for him to know the word for taxi in Chinese! This is a little more difficult than it sounds because different regions in China use different words to describe taxis, so ShaoLan makes sure you learn the correct terms used in different areas. She then also takes the opportunity to teach the words for other types of transportation which all use the “vehicle” character, so it’s easy to remember lots of transportation names quickly.

The Chinese word for “taxi” is 出租車/出租车. The first two characters 出租 mean “to rent” and the final character 車/车 means “vehicle.” So the “vehicle to rent” is a taxi, 出租車/出租车.

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出租車 / 出租车
chū zū chē
單車 / 单车
dān chē
摩托車 / 摩托车
mó tuō chē
Saloon car, motor vehicle
汽車 / 汽车
qì chē
火車 / 火车
huǒ chē
公車/ 公车
gōng chē
To get out
To rent
Driverless car
無人車 / 无人车
wú rén chē
No one
無人 / 无人
wú rén
Another way to say "taxi"
的士 or 計程車 / 的士 or 计程车
dī shì or jì chéng chē
To calculate
計 / 计
Travel by taxi
坐計程車 / 坐计程车
zuò jì chéng chē
To sit
Get in the taxi
上計程車 / 上计程车
shàng jì chéng chē
Get in the taxi
上出租車 / 上出租车
shàng chū zū chē
Get off the taxi
下出租車 / 下出租车
xià chū zū chē
Drive a taxi
開出租車 / 开出租车
kāi chū zū chē
To drive
開車 / 开车
kāi chē
To ride a bike
騎單車 / 骑单车
dān chē
微軟 / 微软
wēi ruǎn

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