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Do you come from an island country? Do you like to visit islands? Robin Mitchell, also known as “Robi Mitch,” is a singer and songwriter from the city of Bristol, UK and he has recently released an album called “Island.” Robin and ShaoLan discuss their own experiences of growing up on or visiting different islands around the world and ShaoLan introduces the Chinese words for all kinds of different islands, from island nations to groups of islands, all the way through to an island that most of us use every day, the traffic island!

The Chinese word for “island” is 島/岛, which like many other Chinese words, can be modified by simply adding other descriptive words before it, such as 小島/小岛 for “small island,” 群島/群岛 for “group of islands” or 安全島/安全岛 for “traffic island” (for pedestrians)!

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島 / 岛
Taiwan island
台灣島 / 台湾岛
tái wān dǎo
Small island
小島 / 小岛
xiǎo dǎo
Island nation
島國 / 岛国
dǎo guó
冰島 / 冰岛
bīng dǎo
Main island
本島 / 本岛
běn dǎo
青島 / 青岛
qīng dǎo
半島 / 半岛
bàn dǎo
The Peninsula Hotel
半島酒店 / 半岛酒店
bàn dǎo jiǔ diàn
jiǔ diàn
Group of scattered islands
群島 / 群岛
qún dǎo
rì běn
Japan islands
日本群島 / 日本群岛
rì běn qún dǎo
Pedestrian refuge island
安全島 / 安全岛
ān quán dǎo
Safe, safety
ān quán

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