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Josh Edbrooke from Transition and ShaoLan talk about the Chinese word for “now” and how it almost contains a sense of geographical location as well as being a description of time. Once again, these characters can be combined into some extremely useful phrases and questions including describing your location in the present, telling the time and even describing other situations relating to the word “now,” such as “live concert.” According to Josh’s experience, the lifestyle in Taiwan is so fast paced that everything seems to be happening “here and now,” which has some unexpected benefits when applying for official documents because there’s no need to wait for half as long as he’s used to in the UK!

The Chinese word for “now” is 現在/现在. The first character means “present” or “current” and the second character means “to be situated” or “at,” giving a sense of the characters together meaning “here and now” 現在/现在.

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現在 / 现在
xiàn zài
Present, current
現 / 现
To exist, at, in, on
Where are you right now?
你現在在哪裡? / 你现在在哪里?
nǐ xiàn zài zài nǎ lǐ
哪裡 / 哪里
nǎ lǐ
I am at home
我在家 / 我在家
wǒ zài jiā
I am at home now
我現在在家 / 我现在在家
wǒ xiàn zài zài jiā
What time is it now?
現在幾點? / 现在几点?
xiàn zài jǐ diǎn
How many?
幾 / 几
O'clock, dot
點 / 点
What time?
幾點? / 几点?
jǐ diǎn
It's eight o'clock now
現在八點 / 现在八点
xiàn zài bā diǎn
Next year
míng nián
Now at that place, live performance
現場 / 现场
xiàn chǎng
Venue, open space
場 / 场

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