299 The Great Wall

If you have heard of one thing in China, you have probably heard of “The Great Wall”! Often spoken of as the greatest manmade structure in the world, Charlie Hoffs, Chinese student and Chineasy blog contributor, describes how her visit to The Great Wall went beyond her expectation in its ability to inspire awe! With a total distance (including all the various branches) measured at 13,170 miles long, it’s definitely quite a feat! ShaoLan teaches the Chinese words for “The Great Wall” and she and Charlie discuss some interesting legends surrounding The Great Wall including the story behind an ancient Chinese idiom which philosophically tries to teach you to look below the surface of events and appreciate everything that happens!

The way to say “The Great Wall” in Chinese is 長城/长城. The first character 長/长 means “long” and can describe anything that is long, while the second character 城 means “city,” so literally translated it means “long city” 長城/长城.

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The Great Wall
長城 / 长城
cháng chéng
長 / 长
City, town, castle

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