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Matthew Kressy is not only the founding director of the MIT integrated design and management department but is also the director of the design company “Designturn.” Matthew sees the future of business as wrapped up in a company’s ability to change direction quickly according to market trends and feedback from customers, which is where the company name “Designturn” came from. ShaoLan explains the verb “to turn” in Chinese and goes on to teach Matthew the words for left and right in Chinese, invaluable when trying to understand directions.

In Chinese, the verb “to turn” is 轉/转. This character is made up of the vehicle radical 車/车 and the word “to concentrate” 專/专, so when you focus on turning your vehicle, you can 轉/转!

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To turn
轉 / 转
Change the direction
轉向 / 转向
zhuǎn xiàng
Make a turn
轉彎 / 转弯
zhuǎn wān
Turn right
右轉 / 右转
yòu zhuǎn
Turn left
左轉 / 左转
zuǒ zhuǎn
To improve; things getting better
好轉 / 好转
hǎo zhuǎn

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