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In which European capital city can you work in the city centre and then get to a ski slope within 10 minutes of finishing? Plamen Russev, the chairman of the Webit conference calls in from this city to talk with ShaoLan about Europe, his home town (listen in to find out where it is) and country and how to say all these names in Chinese!

The Chinese word for “Europe” is 歐洲/欧洲, where the first character 歐/欧 simply represents Europe in a phonetic way, while 洲 is the word for “island” or “continent,” so the 歐/欧 continent is Europe!

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歐洲 / 欧洲
ōu zhōu
歐 / 欧
People from Europe, European
歐洲人 / 欧洲人
ōu zhōu rén
Southern Europe
南歐 / 南欧
nán ōu
Northern Europe
北歐 / 北欧
běi ōu
Western Europe
西歐 / 西欧
xī ōu
Eastern Europe
東歐 / 东欧
dōng ōu
Central Europe
中歐 / 中欧
zhōng ōu
bǎo jiā lì yǎ

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