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Michael Acton Smith is the founder and Co-CEO of both Mind Candy, the game company and Calm.com, the meditation app. Millions of people use the app daily to help themselves relax and calm their mind, either at the beginning of the day, or after a long busy day before going to sleep.

ShaoLan and Michael discuss the importance and benefits of relaxing, both for adults and for children, as well as some of the ways that different cultures relax, such as the idea of “forest bathing” in Japan.

To say “relax” in Chinese, you say 放鬆/放松. The first character 放 means “to release” and the second character 鬆/松 is “to loosen up,” so when you release your mind and loosen up your body you can truly relax!

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放鬆 / 放松
fàng sōng
To release
To loosen
鬆 / 松
Have a holiday
fàng jià
After school
放學 / 放学
fàng xué

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