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Apart from being an expert in Italian wine and also the CEO of Your.MD, Matteo Berlucchi is a real Italian and therefore grew up eating pasta twice a day, for lunch and dinner. ShaoLan takes the chance to teach him the Chinese word for “pasta,” which describes all types of pasta generally. However, Matteo reveals something that may come as a surprise. Did you know that probably the most famous kind of pasta, spaghetti, originally came from China? Matteo tells the story to even ShaoLan’s surprise!

The word for “pasta” in Chinese is an interesting one because the first three characters 義大利/意大利 mean “Italy” and the final character 麵/面 means “noodles.” So “Italy noodles” are pasta, 義大利麵/意大利面.

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義大利麵 / 意大利面
yì dà lì miàn
義大利 / 意大利
yì dà lì
麵 / 面
Beef noodle
牛肉麵 / 牛肉面
niú ròu miàn
Noodle soup
湯麵 / 汤面
tāng miàn
Stir-fried noodle
炒麵 / 炒面
chǎo miàn

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