234 Move (Home)

Josh from Transition is moving house very soon. He talks to ShaoLan about some of the practicalities of moving house, but then the discussion moves on to some of the more traditional Chinese superstitions involved with moving house. Did you know that according to the Chinese calendar there are good dates and times for moving and also bad dates and times for moving! Another tradition is that pregnant women mustn’t lift a finger when moving house, so it sounds like Josh is going to need to find some extra outside help with packing!

The Chinese for “moving house/home” is 搬家. 搬 represents a hand moving things around and means “to move” or “to shift” and 家 shows a pig under a roof and means “home” (where the pigs live)! So moving the home is 搬家!

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Move (Home)
bān jiā
To move
Move the table
bān zhuō zi
Move the chair
bān yǐ zi
I don't like moving home.
我不喜歡搬家 / 我不喜欢搬家
wǒ bù xǐ huān bān jiā
Not, no
喜歡 / 喜欢
xǐ huān
New home
xīn jiā
Move to a new house
bān xīn jiā
Good luck with your move!
祝搬家順利 / 祝搬家顺利
zhù bān jiā shùn lì

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