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What’s the best way to communicate with a large number of people? Stories have been the medium of communicating important concepts, principles and morals for millennia and remain just as important a part of life as ever. Kara Dyer, the creator of Storytime Toys wanted to combine modern toys with ancient fairy tales so that children could act out the stories as they read them, helping to bring the stories to life and stimulate creativity in young children. ShaoLan teaches her the Chinese for “story” and for “fairytale,” while also telling some stories from ancient Chinese history.

The Chinese word for “story” is 故事. The first word 故 means “ancient” and the second word 事 means “matter” or “thing.” So the “ancient matter” or “ancient issue” is a “story” 故事.

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gù shì
Matter, thing
To tell a story
說故事 / 说故事
shuō gù shì
Fairy tale
童話故事 / 童话故事
tóng huà gù shì
Spoken words
話 / 话
時間 / 时间
shí jiān
Story time
故事時間 / 故事时间
gù shì shí jiān

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