140 Jet Lag

Having just arrived in the UK from Taiwan, Josh talks to ShaoLan about something that affects every traveller, jet lag! Everyone has different ways of dealing with it, but what’s the best way? ShaoLan and Josh discuss some of their tips for beating jet lag, although none of them seems to be 100%.

The Chinese word for jet lag is actually very logical because it literally means “time difference.”

The word 時/时 means “time” and means “to detract” or “difference” so 時差/时差 doubles up to mean “time difference” between two places, as well as meaning “jet lag” when applied to a person.

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Jet lag
時差 / 时差
shí chā
Hour, time
時 / 时
I have jet lag.
我有時差 / 我有时差
wǒ yǒu shí chā
Do you have jet lag?
你有時差嗎? / 你有时差吗?
nǐ yǒu shí chā ma?
I don't have jet lag.
我沒有時差 / 我没有时差
wǒ méi yǒu shí chā

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