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Luke Wragg is just 13 years old, but is already a regular feature on the big stage, a ballet dancer in some of the biggest shows in London! This year he will enter the Royal Ballet School to continue his dancing career. He discusses with ShaoLan the styles of dance that he has learnt and which ones he likes most, as well as learning how to describe them in Chinese.

The word for ”to dance” in Chinese is 跳舞. The first word ”跳” means ”to jump” and the second word ”舞” means ”dance” so 跳舞 describes an active kind of dancing!

Learn With Luke Wragg

Ballet became his passion

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To dance
tiào wǔ
To jump
bā lěi
Ballet dance
bā lěi wǔ
Ballet dancer
bā lěi wǔ zhě
I am a ballet dancer.
wǒ shì bā lěi wǔ zhě
I love dancing.
我愛跳舞 / 我爱跳舞
wǒ ài tiào wǔ
I love ballet dance.
我愛芭雷舞 / 我爱芭蕾舞
wǒ ài bā lěi wǔ
gōng xǐ

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