113 By The Way

ShaoLan shares with Transition drummer Josh how to say “by the way” in Chinese. Bonus words taught in the episode include “a little bit”, which is a hugely useful phrase in everyday conversation.

Josh and ShaoLan teach quite a few common verbs in this episode as well, including eat, drink, wait, think, listen and watch. Take a look at word bank below to see if you know all of them!

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By the way.
順便一下 / 顺便一下
shùn biàn yí xià
To obey, to follow
順 / 顺
Instant noodles
方便麵 / 方便面
fāng biàn miàn
順便 / 顺便
shùn biàn
A bit, in a short while
yí xià
Wait up, have a little wait
děng yí xià
Think a bit, have a little think
xiǎng yí xià
Let me think
wǒ xiǎng yí xià
Wait a bit. Let me think.
等一下. 我想一下
děng yí xià. wǒ xiǎng yí xià
Have a listen
聽一下 / 听一下
tīng yí xià
Watch a bit
kàn yí xià
Have a little bite
chī yí xià
Have a little drink
hē yí xià
On the way
順路 / 顺路
shùn lù
Is it on the way?
順路嗎? / 顺路吗?
shùn lù ma?
Not on the way, need a detour
不順路 / 不顺路
bú shùn lù

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