106 To Come Back

Why do people say “You’re back!” in Chinese culture? What feeling does it express? Find out the cultural insight with Transition singer Jesse and ShaoLan.

In this episode, you will learn several ways to express upon arriving home, such as “I am home,” “I am back,” “You are back,” and the verbs of “to come” and “to return.”

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To come back
回來 / 回来
huí lái
To return
To come
來 / 来
Came back
回來了 / 回来了
huí lái le
I am back.
我回來了 / 我回来了
wǒ huí lái le
You are back.
你回來了 / 你回来了
nǐ huí lái le
We are back.
我們回來了 / 我们回来了
wǒ men huí lái le
Not come back
不回來 / 不回来
bù huí lái

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