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How many dissertations can you read on Academia.edu? Millions! Have you written any 論文 / 论文 (lùn wén), or dissertations, when you were studying? Founder of Academia.edu, Richard Price joins us in this episode to chat with ShaoLan about the importance of these papers. As you probably know, dissertations are really important documents that describe and explain to people new findings and theories. This is evident in the breakdown of the word itself:

論 / 论 (lùn) means to articulate or a theory.

文 (wén) means literature or written documents.

You can describe the action of writing or working on a dissertation by saying 寫論文 / 写论文 (xiě lùn wén). To differentiate a Master’s dissertation from a Doctorate’s, use the words we learn in “Degree“.

Richard also shares his insights about how access to elite knowledge is improving people’s lives all around the world.

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論文 / 论文
lùn wén
To articulate, theory
論 / 论
Doctoral dissertation
博士論文 / 博士论文
bó shì lùn wén
Master's dissertation
碩士論文 / 硕士论文
shuò shì lùn wén
Bachelor's dissertation
學士論文 / 学士论文
xué shì lùn wén
To write
寫 / 写
Write dissertation
寫論文 / 写论文
xiě lùn wén

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