081 Productivity

When are you most productive? How do you increase your productivity? And is technology a help or a hindrance?!

In this episode, the amazing Erik Brynjolfsson learns the Chinese of “productivity” and discusses with ShaoLan the technologies that can cause ripples of productivity growth around the world.

You can also learn the etymology of every word of 生產力 / 生产力 (shēng chǎn lì).

Learn With Erik Brynjolfsson

Director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, Professor at MIT Sloan School, and Research Associate at NBER

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生產力 / 生产力
shēng chǎn lì
To give birth
To produce
產 / 产
To produce
生產 / 生产
shēng chǎn
High productivity
生產力很高 / 生产力很高
shēng chǎn lì hěn gāo
Low productivity
生產力很低 / 生产力很低
shēng chǎn lì hěn dī

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