079 Daughter

In this touching episode, ShaoLan invites a very special guest, her father, to join the show and teach the word “daughter” in Chinese. In addition, ShaoLan’s father reviews various way to describe her daughters, including Shaolan’s older siblings. Learn how to introduce your daughters in terms of oldest or youngest. 

女兒 / 女儿 (nǚ ér) translates to “daughter”, the combination of the term “woman” and “child”.

小女孩 (xiǎo nǚ hái) translates to “little girl”.

By adding adjectives, you can describe which daughter you want to refer to. For example, to refer to your oldest daughter, you add the term 大 (dà) or “big” in front of 女兒 / 女儿. On the other hand, by adding the term 小 (xiǎo) or “small”, you refer to the youngest daughter.

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女兒 / 女儿
nǚ ér
Woman, Female
Little child
兒 / 儿
Little girl
xiǎo nǚ hái
Three daughters
三個女兒 / 三个女儿
sān gè nǚ ér
The youngest daughter
小女兒 / 小女儿
xiǎo nǚ ér
The biggest daughter
大女兒 / 大女儿
dà nǚ ér
The second daughter
二女兒 / 二女儿
èr nǚ ér
Good daughter
好女兒 / 好女儿
hǎo nǚ ér

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