077 Go Home

Living abroad is a huge adventure, but inevitably there can be moments when you feel homesick. Do you feel the same sentiment? Transition’s singer Jesse returns in this episode to share the story on their band’s hit song 108,000 Miles (Shi Wan Ba Qian Li). In addition, ShaoLan teaches you how to say “go home” in Chinese.

回家 (huí jiā) means to “go home”. The word 回 (huí) means to “return”.

我想家 (wǒ xiǎng jiā) is another sentence you can use when you are feeling homesick. This translates to “I miss home” or “I’m thinking about home”.

家人 (jiā rén) translates to “family members”, another useful term when you want to refer to your family!

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Go home
huí jiā
I want to go home
wǒ yào huí jiā
You want to go home
nǐ yào huí jiā
Do you want to go home?
你要回家嗎? / 你要回家吗?
nǐ yào huí jiā ma
I miss home
wǒ xiǎng jiā
Family member
jiā rén
Fair lady
jiā rén

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