076 Bicycle

In this episode, Philip Rowley, CFO of Sony Pictures Entertainment learns how to say “bicycle” in Chinese from ShaoLan. Besides learning the word for “bicycle,” Philip shares his stories from the adventures in Cambodia and his love of cycling.

Bicycle in Chinese is 自行車 / 自行车 (zì xíng chē).

You can express the action of “riding” a bicycle by saying 騎自行車 / 骑自行车 (qí zì xíng chē).

Do you know when bicycles were first introduced in China? Listen to this episode to find out!

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自行車 / 自行车
zì xíng chē
To ride a bike
騎自行車 / 骑自行车
qí zì xíng chē
摩托車 / 摩托车
mó tuō chē
To ride a motorbike
騎摩托車 / 骑摩托车
qí mó tuō chē

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