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Have you played with LEGO? This phenomenal toy is a part of many people’s childhood and learning experience. LEGO Education’s Ken Yahns joins Talk Chineasy as our special guest today. Together with ShaoLan, they talk about how to say “fun” in Chinese in this episode.

Ken reveals the best parts of his job working for LEGO. Education division of LEGO aims to build playful learning experiences for all education spaces and enable every student to succeed with LEGO. Listen more about how LEGO “engages” students successfully. 

We hope you will say 好好玩 (hǎo hǎo wán) when you listen to Talk Chineasy and play LEGO!


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hǎo wán
Extremely fun
hǎo hǎo wán
Is it fun?
好玩嗎? / 好玩吗?
Hǎo wán ma?
Too much fun
tài hǎo wán
Not much fun
bù hǎo wán

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