071 It Is Raining

Why do the English always talk about the weather? How do you say “It is raining” in Chinese?

In this episode, you will also learn how to describe different weather situations, such as raining, storm, and windy. Do you remember an important word taught yesterday? The thing you have to carry when it is raining. If you forgot, review here.

Besides weather, you can learn the usage of 下 (xià), which means down.

下 (xià) is widely used when getting off transportation or getting down something. For example, to get off the car, you can say 下車 / 下车 (xià chē).

車 / 车 (chē) is car” or “vehicle.”

A quick test here.

山 (shān) means mountain. So, how do you say to go down the mountain“ in Chinese? 

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It is raining
xià yǔ
To get off the car
下車 / 下车
xià chē
To get off the plane
下機 / 下机
xià jī
To get down the mountain
xià shān
Small rain
xiǎo yǔ
Rain shower
dà yǔ
Raining cats and dogs
xià dà yǔ
風雨 / 风雨
fēng yǔ
Big storm
大風雨 / 大风雨
dà fēng yǔ
Big wind
大風 / 大风
dà fēng

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