068 Traveling

Do you dream about traveling around the world?

In this episode, Erick Tseng, the Product Director at Facebook and ShaoLan talk about some of their unforgettable trips. You will learn how to say “traveling” in Chinese together with some relative phrases: “journey,” “safe trip,” and “tourist”.

旅遊 / 旅游 (lǚ yóu) is the action verb of “traveling”.

旅行 (lǚ xíng) is the noun that can be used to describe your latest “travel” adventure or vacation!

Vary your range of expression to show if you remember how to say “to get on the airplane” and “to get off the airplane” in the episode of “fly a plane.”


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lǚ xíng
旅遊 / 旅游
lǚ yóu
lǚ tú
Safe journey
lǚ tú ping ān
lǚ kè

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