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Get paid to play all day! ShaoLan teaches LEGO Education’s Ken Yahns the Chinese word for one of the most famous toy brands in the world.

The character 樂/乐 in the word “LEGO” 樂高/乐高 (lè gāo) has two different pronunciations. When the character 樂/乐 is pronounced as “lè,” it means “happy;” when it is pronounced as “yuè,” it means “music.” Listen and understand how translating the brand name with appropriate Chinese words can help maintain its brand meaning in Chinese culture!

fun fact, the number of miniature LEGO tires the LEGO group produces outnumbers any real tire manufacturer in the world!



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樂高 / 乐高
lè gāo
樂 / 乐
樂 / 乐

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