040 Weather

Why do English people always talk about the weather?! Why do English people seldom carry umbrellas? ShaoLan and Transition drummer Josh dig deeper into the entertaining elements of Chinese and English culture whilst teaching how to say “weather” in Chinese.

In this episode, you can also learn how to describe weather, such as good weather and bad weather.

“hǎo, 好” means good while “huài, 壞 / 坏” means bad. If you add these two adjectives before “weather,” you are able to describe the weather!


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天氣 / 天气
tiān qì
Good weather
好天氣 / 好天气
hǎo tiān qì
Bad weather
壞天氣 / 坏天气
huài tiān qì
Bad weather
天氣不好 / 天气不好
tiān qì bù hǎo
Bad temper
火氣 / 火气
huǒ qì
人氣 / 人气
rén qì

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