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In this episode, ShaoLan and Philip Rowley, CFO of Sony Pictures Entertainment, discuss about the love of music and why he loves playing piano. Besides piano, you will learn several instruments in Chinese, such as guitar, electronic guitar and wooden guitar.

It’s also important to know the verb “play” in Chinese.

“tán, 彈 / 弹” means to pluck and to play. If you add instrument after tán, it means to play the instrument.

Learn about how to say “competition” in Chinese here.

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鋼琴 / 钢琴
gāng qín
jí tā
Electrical guitar
電吉他 / 电吉他
diàn jí tā
Wooden guitar
mù jí tā
To pluck, to play
彈 / 弹
Play the piano
彈鋼琴 / 弹钢琴
tán gāng qín
Play the guitar
彈吉他 / 弹吉他
tán jí tā

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