025 Tiger Mom

Ever wonder how tiger moms earned their stripes? In this Talk Chineasy Episode, learn how to say “tiger mom” and ‘tiger dad’ in Chinese as ShaoLan and star investor Melissa Bethell discuss the cultural roots of Chinese “tiger parenting.”

You may know the stereotype: the helicopter parent who has enrolled her daughter or son in violin lessons, debate team, coding class, karate, and accelerated math. This is the tiger mom in her natural habitat.

Join Melissa Bethell, Managing Director at Bain Capital in learning how to say “hǔ mā” today!

虎 (hǔ) = tiger.

妈/媽 (mā) = mom.

虎妈/虎媽 (hǔ mā) = Tiger mom.

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Tiger Mom
虎媽 / 虎妈
hǔ mā
Like father like son
虎父無犬子 / 虎父无犬子
hǔ fù wú quǎn zǐ
Tiger Dad
hǔ bà

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