Oct 16, 2019

Introduction to Popular Foods in China

Chinese cuisine is a fundamental part of the culture of China, which includes food originating from different regions of China. Overall the world, traditional Chinese dishes is famous for unique styles, exquisite cooking, aroma, taste, color, and appearance. Apart from that, it has countless recipes, and people have distinctive cuisine types which may be sweet, spicy, bland, salty, and sour. Chinese food is comprised of two parts: staple food which usually includes noodles, steamed buns or rice, and vegetable or meat dishes.

From the great Chinese dishes, so there is more challenging to choose, we have selected as top dishes with the classification of breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal.

Most popular Chinese breakfast food

In China, Breakfast dishes vary from region to region. These top of the dishes are readily available in snack streets every morning.

Deep-fried dough sticks with soybean

Fried bread sticks with soy are the most popular breakfast item in China. It is another name of 油條 / 油条 (yóu tiáo) – the premade dough arise after the particular time than cooking in hot oil. It is the best way to serve breadstick with Chinese soymilk in china. It served differently while in Shanghai breadstick present with mustard root, chili oil, vinegar or green onions, but in Beijing, it is seasoned with hot and ugly.

Tofu pudding

It is a popular Chinese breakfast snack with very delicious tofu, which is formed with raw beans. Tofu pudding flavor is not constant; it differs from region to region. In the north of China, people prefer salty pudding with salt or soy sauce, but in the south, Chinese likes a sweet version of pudding with brown sugar syrup and ginger.


Congee is the most favorite breakfast of the Chinese people along with worldwide” says William Brown, research analyst at Australian Master. It is made from rice that has been adequately cooked for a long time with water until rice will be soft. In congee, colors, flavors, taste varies due to the preference of people. Sometimes, it serves with a different type of toppings, such as fermented tofu, meats, eggs, peanuts, and, pickled vegetables.

Dim sum

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Dim sum is inevitably linked with the Chinese tradition of drinking tea or yum cha. This tradition custom is more common in Chinatowns across the world – not only popular in China but also highly prominent in Hong Kong, Guangdong, and Macau. It is the Cantonese breakfast style which is especially preferred or enjoyed on weekend mornings. These are in a cup shape, thin, or round wrappers with the filling of black mushrooms, bamboo shoots, shrimp, and water chestnuts.

Most popular Chinese lunch food

Below, top Chinese lunch food is not only popular in China but also over all over the world.


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Potstickers dish is one of the traditional Chinese dishes, and people are more preferred in lunch or dinner time. It made of juicy pork, shiitake mushrooms, ginger, cabbage, garlic and all types of seasonal vegetable. The specialty of this dish is lightweight or one-bite. Pouched-shaped in Tianjin style is more common, but the size and shape differ throughout china.

Lanzhou beef noodles

Lanzhou beef noodles, also known as the beef broth noodles, is one of the top ten China noodle’s dishes, and it originated from the Gansu region. Many street stores and restaurants offer Lanzhou noodles with different styles. It is made of five necessary ingredients: stewed beef, chili oil, beef bone soup, ginger garlic water, and noodles. In Taiwan, it considered as a national dish and Taipei celebrates annual beef noodles festival every year.

Mutton soup

羊肉泡饃 / 羊肉泡馍 (yang ròu pào mó) is often called as a mutton soup in China as well as this dish could represent as the best food within-the country along with worldwide. It serves this dish as a tasty, aromatic, and a bowl of shredded flatbread in mutton broth. The mutton soup provides with sweet pickled garlic which is added to finalize a dish.


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With a long journey above 1800 years ago, dumplings are a traditional Chinese dish widely famous in north China. “Chinese people prefer eating traditional food on every New Year Eve” as reported by Academist help. It consists of chopped vegetable and minced meat wrapped into a thin piece of dough. They can be prepared boiling, frying, or steaming. The popular fillings of dumplings are ground chicken, minced pork, beef, vegetable, and diced shrimp.

Most popular Chinese food for dinner

This dynamic list is more common on any occasion of a feast as well as in trends every time.

Chongqing fried fish

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Staying with more popular that introduced from Chongqing, grilled fish of Chongqing is also the part of this province. It is a complete menu for dinner and too similar to a hot pot. The fish is cooked correctly in an aromatic broth with stir fry vegetables and other items to also prepare with the soup.

Peking roasted duck

Peking Roasted Duck
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Peking roasted duck is a well-known dish of Beijing, enjoying overall the world, and treated as one of the national China meals. The roasted duck is popular for its crispy skin, juicy meat, and bright colors. It is often eaten with sweet bean sauce, pancakes, and soy with mashed garlic. Chinese people, as well as foreigners, are liked because of delicious and unique taste.

Stir-fried tofu with rice

Stir-fried tofu is the perfect combination of oriental sauces and flavorful spices with boiled rice. It is a very famous dish in Chinese cuisine. The taste of stir tofu is hot and spicy which comes from chopped green onion, black pepper, and other spices.

Chicken with chestnuts

Chicken with chestnuts
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Chicken with chestnut is more demanding and favorable in China as well as worldwide. It serves the minced chicken with stir-fried mushrooms, radish, and water chestnuts along with seasonal veggies and spicy sauces like fish sauce, classic soya sauce, and the date puree. It is the perfect meal for a weekend feast.

Chinese dishes are always popular not only in China but also around the world. Several restaurants are open whether you live abroad or within the country, and it can be found in every Chinese restaurant.

This guest blog post comes from Liza Brook, a content writer at Crowd Writer UK. She loves to write on various topics and share her experiences, skills, and discoveries through her blogs. She plays games and goes to gym in spare time.

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By Liza Brooke | A Super Chineasian

Liza Brook is a content writer at FreeEssayWriter. She loves to write on various topics and share her experiences, skills, and discoveries through her blogs. She plays games and goes to gym in spare time.

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