Dec 30, 2021

Time for a Selfie: 5 Must-Know Chinese Words in the Digital Age

Do you want to be an online influencer? According to recent research, social media influencers and YouTubers are among the top three career paths children want to follow. So in this article, let’s learn Chinese words related to that! 

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網美/网美 pinyin: wǎng měi; internet celebrity

网 (net/internet) + 美 (beautiful) = 网美 (internet celebrity) [literally] (internet beautiful)

Do you follow any internet celebrities (网美) on any social media platforms, such as YouTube or Instagram? Chinese people define 网美 as those females who teach their online followers how to make themselves beautiful, from wearing makeup to dress in a style. 

Other online influencers include 网红 (internet celebrity; internet + red) which can refer to both male and female internet celebrities. 

自拍 pinyin: zì pāi; selfie

Self (自) + To take a photo (拍) = Selfie (自拍) [literally] (self to take a photo)

In one study, 18-to-24-year-olds reported that every third photo they take is a selfie (自拍), which has become one of the most popular activities among young people. 

自拍器 pinyin: zì pāi qì; selfie stick

Selfie (自拍) + Tool (器) = Selfie stick (自拍器)

A selfie stick (自拍器) has become so common these days that it might be surprising for you to learn that it was once considered as something that was almost completely useless. It is even included in the book of 101 Unuseless Japanese Inventions published in 1995. 

拍賣平台/拍卖平台 pinyin: pāi mài píng tái; auction platform

Auction (拍賣) + Platform (平台) = Auction platform (拍賣平台)

One of the most popular auction platforms (拍賣平台) is eBay! Simplified form = 拍卖平台.

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