Chineasy For Children

A fun way to inspire Chinese learning for kids

Parents and Kids love Chineasy

“We love that there are so many ways to play and learn with Chineasy Tiles! It's like 10+ learning games in a box, great exposure as we raise our little global citizens. ”

Silvia Cruz

“My 4-year-old and I had so much fun playing Chineasy Tiles. It was engaging for both of us! She started to recognize characters very quickly, which is amazing! The quality and design of the tiles make this more than just a game; they are wonderful art pieces.”

Christina Anderson

“中文好好玩! Growing up speaking Chinese, we’re so proud of Chineasy for inspiring us to appreciate our own language. My son Kyle who just started elementary school in Taipei, his little sister Mia, and their 85-year-old great grandma all had fun playing with Chineasy Tiles. Their favorite game? Connecting the tiles to make new phrases...and lots of laughters with lovely family memories!”

Fong Chin Lee

“My 6yr old son thinks it is SO funny that 2 women characters = argument!! We are both so excited to be learning radicals, phrases and paradigms - we learned more in the TED talk than over 6 years of trying to breakdown the wall - now we're keeping up, excitedly!”

Toby Toth

“I listen to your podcast and it's also captured the interest of my 5-year-old Camden, who speaks Mandarin and English. She actually prefers to listen to your podcasts on our way home from a car that used to only play kid music when kids were present. I love what you've done with everything from the designs to the actual podcast format.”

Nicole Hsueh

“I love Chineasy because it helped me to teach Chinese to children, creating a new exciting way to link language concepts and images like no other Language Course has never done before! I love the stories linked to each character, and children are mesmerized. ”

Alessia Scaranto

Why Chineasy?

Chineasy is a methodology developed by ShaoLan to help people approach the Chinese language through fun imagery and storytelling. We aspire to help learners all over the world learn Chinese through playful learning.

Chinese, the language of opportunity

Chinese is the most widely-spoken language in the world. Each character reflects the beauty and culture of ancient Asia. Chinese is the most valuable second language, opening up the future to young learners. We start with the characters because it’s the “hardest” — but we make it easy. Chineasy isn’t just for kids. It’s for adults and parents who want to identify with their roots. We help non-native speakers visualize each Chinese character with both pinyin and English translations.

Playful learning

Chineasy believes in playful learning, immersing play with thoughtfully planned learning objectives. With Chineasy Tiles, the magic happens when children get creative and have fun. We designed our games to foster new ideas and experiences for kids, and reinforce social, emotional, and developmental skills.

The Most Innovative Way to Learn Chinese

“Parents' Choice Award® Silver Winner”

“Learn 6 Chinese characters in 6 minutes”

“Gold Prizes in Teaching aids, Self-learning devices and Board game”

“Brain Child Award Winner”

Ways Chineasy can help your kids learn Chinese